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Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is the ultimate choice for cable trays. We at FiberTech are masters in manufacturing GRP and FRP cable trays. Our range of FRP and GRP cable trays is vast and filled with qualities that cable trays should have in order to fulfill the purpose that they are created for. We are renowned name in India’s top FRP cable trays manufacturers.
FRP Cable Trays & GRP Cable Trays Manufacturers India.
Pultrusion is a complicated process and you should always choose a trusted manufacturer who has a reputation to live up to. FiberTech has delivered quality FRP cable trays to hundreds of clients. Our FRP and GRP cable trayshave unparalleled quality and a list of loyalists.

Ladder Type :

Our ladder type cable trays are designed with longitudinal sections that form a C shape. The longitudinal sections are joined by a rung that is adept at handling loads of different capacity.

Perforated Type :

This is another major offering of FRP cable trays manufacturers. It is designed with sections and a solid bottom in which holes are drilled to achieve desired result.

Get What You Want :

At FiberTech, we give extreme importance to the client requirements. Our sales team makes notes of every little detail that you specify and pass that on to the manufacturing team which takes care of the specification. What you get is exactly what you asked for. The quality of our GRP and FRP cable trays is unrivalled. All the properties of FRP and GRP like rust and chemical resistance, lightweight, etc. are rightly captured in our FRP and GRP cable trays making us the right FRP cable trays manufacturers for you.

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Designs and manufactures FRP cable trays and accessories :

Cable trays are designed by engineers to support power cables and control cables for outdoor and indoor applications. FRP cable trays manufactured at Fiber Tech Global are safe to use and durable for regular use. These are cost effective products produced by engineers as per NEMA BIS/consultants specification.

The range of cable trays includes :

  • Ladder type FRP cable tray
  • Trough type frp cable tray
  • Channel type frp cable tray

FRP Cable Trays Manufacturers :

Fiber Tech Global is a trusted supplier and exporter of FRP cable trays offering vast variety of FRP products and cable trays in India and throughout the world. These products are lighter in weight and can be easily installed and transported.

Unique Features of FRP Cable Trays :
  • Fire retardant
  • Excellent weather ability – UV stabilized
  • Non corrosive
  • Non erosive
  • Non magnetic
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to transport
  • Light weight
  • Maintenance free
  • Load bearing capacity
Benefits Of FRP Perforated Cable Trays :

All the frp range of perforated products is corrosion resistant. These products are lighter in weight and can be easily moved and transported from one place to another. You don’t need earthing for these products. These are made of UV resistant materials. The thermal conductivity is very low. These are halogen free and non toxic and have long life cycle.

Industries using our products :
  • Refineries
  • Offshore platforms
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Electricity distribution
  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Marine and shipping
  • Foot bridges
  • Manufacturing
  • Bakery
  • Chemical and more

For more details on FRP cable tray, contact Fiber Tech today. They are exporting and supplying comprehensive range of FRP and GRP products to the global clients from distinct industries. In FRP cable tray range, there are two designs- FRP ladder type cable tray and FRP perforated cable tray.

Standard specification is available as per below table :
Width Side Runner Ht. Rung Width Design Load UDL Material
100mm 77 / 100 / 150 50mm 10kg / mtr. Polyester / Viny
150mm 77 / 100 / 150 75mm 12kg / mtr. Polyester / Viny
200mm 77 / 100 / 150 100mm 15kg / mtr. Polyester / Viny
250mm 77 / 100 / 150 150mm 18kg / mtr. Polyester / Viny
300mm 77 / 100 / 150 200mm 25kg/mtr. Polyester / Viny
400mm 77 / 100 / 150 300mm 30kg/mtr. Polyester / Viny
450mm 77 / 100 / 150 450mm 40kg/mtr. Polyester / Viny
500mm 77 / 100 / 150 500mm 45kg/mtr. Polyester / Viny
600mm 77 / 100 / 150 600mm 50kg/mtr. Polyester / Viny

Fiberglass Perforated Cable Trays

FRP/GRP cable trays made by FTC is fabricated out of different pultruded sections of advanced polyester & vinelester resins, manufactured by automatic pultrusion machine.
FRP / GRP cable trays are good replacement of G.I / M.S cable trays, which tend to corrode, erode and spread heat thus leading to power interruptions.
On the other hand FRP cable trays safe, durable, cost effective and easy to install. FTC manufactures these cable trays as per NEMA / BIS / Consultants Specification.
Advantages of FRP / GRP Perforated Cable Trays :
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Light weight so easy to move and place
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Very high strength to weight ratio
  • No earthing required
  • Very low thermal conductivity
  • U.V resistant
  • Impact resistant – returns to original position without any permanent deflection or distortion.
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to install
  • Long life cycle
Standard specification is available as per below table :
Inside Width Load Design Material Choice
50mm 10kg/mtr. Polyester/Vinyl
75mm 12kg./mtr. Polyester/Vinyl
100mm 15kg/mtr. Polyester/Vinyl
150mm 18kg/mtr. Polyester/Vinyl
200mm 25kg/mtr. Polyester/Vinyl
300mm 30kg/mtr. Polyester/Vinyl
450mm 40kg/mtr. Polyester/Vinyl
500mm 45kg/mtr. Polyester/Vinyl
600mm 50kg/mtr. Polyester/Vinyl
Cable tray support system :
Floor Mounted
Ceiling Mounted
Wall Mounted
Pultrusion is a continuous, automated closed-moulding process for a manufacturing of constant FRP Pultruded Sections and profiles. The basis process usually involves pulling of continuous fibers through a bath of resin, blended with a catalyst and then into pre-forming fixtures where the section is partially pre-shaped & excess resin is removed, It is then passed through a heated die, which deternmines the sectional geometry and finish of the final product. . He resulting high unindirectional strength profile is cut to required length and is ready to be used for Fiber Tech Cable Management System.


Fiber Tech offers wide range of FRP/GRP CAble Trays, supplies in various sizes. These cable trays are manufactured via Automated Pultrusion Process which ensures consistent best quality product. FRP GRP Cable Tray are extremely durable and resistant to all kind chemical attack. FRP cable tray can be used in the most corrosive and structurally demanding environments across the globe. Including, Offshore Platforms, Chemical Plants, Oil and Metal refineries, Water Treatment Plants and many more industries. Considering all kinds of instrumentations and cable runs, Fiber Tech offers two types of Cable Trays :
  • FRP Ladder Type Cable Tray
  • FRP Channel Type Cable Tray

FRP Ladder Type Cable Tray

FRP Ladder Type Cable Trays are offered by assembling different types of combinations of Pultruded Cross Sections, Side runners and Rungs. The Rungs are epoxy bonded and fastened to demonstrate high strength against Point, Side and Uniform loads.

FRP Channel Type Cable Tray (Perforated)

The Channel Type, Solid buttom, pre-drilled cable trays are designed for light loads namely instrumentation and control cables and for transition from cable trays to individual control points.
Chemical Resistance Excellent Low Low
Lift Span Excellent Good Low
Acid Fumes Resistance Excellent Low Moderate
Electrical Conductivity Low High High
Fire Retardant High High High
Corrosin Resistance Excellent Low Low
Strength to Weight Ratio Excellent Low Good
Life Cycle Cost Low Moderate Moderate
Rust Proof Features Excellent Excellent Average
Ease in Installation Excellent Moderate Moderate
Environment Impact Low High High
Colour Selection Excellent NA NA

Why Fiber Tech FRP Cable Trays :

  • CORROSSION RESISTANT : It gives resistance against almost all chemicals & in most hostile environments.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT : Density compared to steel is 4 times less.
  • IMPACT RESISTANCE : Returns to original position without any permanent deflection or distortion.
  • NON CONDUCTIVE : It does not carry any electric current.
  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY : The coefficient of thermal expansion of Pultruded products are marginally very Less then aluminum and steel.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE : No rework like painting or cleaning required.
  • LIFE CYCLE : Long durability ensures lowest in life cycle cost.
  • EASY TO INSTALL : No welding required and easy to cut and drill.
  • UV RESISTANT : Inbuilt UV resistance gives protection from direct sunlight exposure.
  • LOW INSTALLATION COST : Being light weight, it can be installed by anybody easily.
  • No rusting no painting required as the colour is inbuilt and different colour options are available to suit your plant colour.
  • Very high strength to weight ratio which helps in structural saving.
  • It is resistant to microbial growth.
  • Fire Retardant.
  • Resistant to Chipping & Cracking.
  • Aesthetically pleasing Appearance.

Resin Selection Chart

Resin Type Grating Type Description Application
Vinyl Ester Type VE Superior corrosion Resistance Environment with high corrosion problems.
Flame Resistance Vinyl Ester Type VE-FR Superior corrosion & Flame Resistance Environment with high corrosion requiring better Flame Resistance
Isophthalic Polyester Flame IP Industrial Grade corrosion Resistance Used in the Environment of noemal or less concentration inorganic acid, alkali, etc.
Flame Resistance Isophthalic Polyester Type IP-FR Industrial Grade corrosion & Flame Resistance Used in less concentration inorganic acid areas requiring better Flame Resistance
Orthophthalic Polyester Type OP Moderate Grade Corrosion Resistance For use in environment which requires water & weather proof solutions.

Details of FRP Cable Trays

Properties Typical Value Test Method Typical Value Direction Unit Polyester Vinyl Ester
Ultimate Tensile Strength ASTM D - 638
ASTM D - 638
Tensile Modulus ASTM D - 638
ASTM D - 638
2.5 x 106
0.8 x 106
3.0 x 106
1.0 x 106
Ultimate Compressive Strength ASTM D - 695
ASTM D - 695
Compressive Modulus ASTM D - 695
ASTM D - 695
2.5 x 106
1.0 x 106
2.5 x 106
1.2 x 106
Ultimate Flexural Strength ASTM D - 790
ASTM D - 790
Flexural Modulus ASTM D - 790
ASTM D - 790
1.6 x 106
0.8 x 106
2.0 x 106
1.0 x 106
Shear Strength Short Beam ASTM D - 2344 Longitudinal or
Impact Strenght-Izod
Hardness - Barcol
ASTM D - 256
ASTM D - 2583
Electrical Strength
Short Time -in oil
ASTM D - 149 Perpendicular
Dielectric Constant ASTM D - 150 Perpendicular 5.0 5.0
Dissipation Factor ASTM D - 150 Perpendicular 0.03 0.03
Arc Resistance ASTM D - 495 Longitudinal or
Description FRP Perforated CT FRP Ladder Type CT
Resin Polyester - Isophthalic - Vinylester Polyester - Isophthalic - Vinylester
Glass ECR Boron Free Grade ECR Boron Free Grade
Length 3 - 6 Meters 3 Meters
Width 50 - 300 MM 150 - 1000 MM
Rung Construction NA FRP Square Tube
Rung Spacing NA 300 MM
Coupler Plates GRP FRP with SS Bolts GRP FRP with SS Bolts
Angel of Bends 900 - 450 900 - 450
Radius of Bends 300 MM 300 MM
Fire Retardant As per IS 6746 As per IS 6746
Colour Yellow / Grey Yellow / Grey

Support Location Guidelines

Details of FRP Cable Trays

No. Iten Name
1 Straing Run
2 900 Inside Vertical Bend
3 900 Outside Vertical Bend
4 900 Horizontal Bend
5 Left Hand Reducer
6 Horizontal Cross
7 Horizontal Tee
8 Splice Plate For Joining

FRP Cable Tray Accessories

900 Vertical Bend Inside / Outside

The 900 verticle bends are available to the corresponding tray type and width.

900 Horizontal Bend

The horizontal bends are available to the corresponding tray type and width.

Horizontal Tee

The Horizontal Tee are available to the corresponding tray type and width.

Horizontal Cross

The Horizontal Cross are available to the corresponding tray type and width.


450Horizontal Bend

The 450 Horizontal Cross are available to the corresponding tray type and width.

Horizontal Tee Equal / Unequal

The 450 Horizontal nemds are available to the corresponding tray type and width.