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Fiberglass or FRP roof sheets designed and manufactured at Fiber Tech allow light transmission for energy saving at an affordable cost of traditional material like glass. These roof sheets have better impact and weather resistance as compared to plastic or glass sheets. Our FRP roof sheets are ideal solution for the consumers who want superior light transmission from their roof. Roof’s multi angle bending of light makes the sunlight softer and provides a smooth ambience indoor. Along with these features, easy installation and water resistance capability complete the list that explains why you must buy these FRP roof sheets.
You can avail a wide range of sheets in distinct colors, light transmission rate, and sizes. Our all profiles come with certain warranty period.
Major advantages to use Fiber Tech FRP roof sheets over local products :
Fiber Tech assures quality FRP roof sheets that are prepared from premium grade raw materials. The experts working in the factory use latest manufacturing procedures and technologies to process FRP and prepare fine designs of roof sheets. To support the manufacturing unit, Fiber Tech has hired a dedicated team of technicians and they all are efficient in providing expert advice on product performance, design criteria and installation for a total customer satisfaction.
Are supreme quality sheets brittle?
No, this is why you can easily find the best quality sheets. A high quality FRP sheet is made from fine anti UV film and resin at certain degrees temperature that play a significant role in achieving the best FRP profile. Fiber Tech FRP sheets acquire 99% of solidify degree. This is why their products have capability to withstand the harshest UV ray, water moisture, and corrosion.
You can apply these products at :
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Swimming pools
  • Cold storage
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Open to sky areas
Email your requirements and avail suitable designs of FRP roof sheets from Fiber Tech.

Features of FRP Roof Sheets

Various Colours
Weather proof
Light weight
High strength
Corrosion resistant
Long life
Excellent finish
Easy to fabricate
Useful for domes and pyramids
Power saving
  Light Transmission Ind. Corrugation AC Corrugation Flat Sheets
Coloured Up to 70% Size (mtr.) Size (mtr.) Size
Translucent Up to 90% at
the height of 40 ft
& above
1.00 X 1.00 1.00 X 1.00 Customized
(any size)
1.00 X 1.50 1.00 X 1.50
1.00 X 2.00 1.00 X 2.00
1.00 X 2.50 1.00 X 2.50
1.00 X 3.00 1.00 X 3.00
1.00 X 3.65 1.00 X 3.65

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